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Fort Lauderdale AC Expert Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-320-7117Buying a new air conditioner is in itself such a Herculean task; add to it the job of finding the right technician to install it. However, before you call anyone off the internet, just remember that from this point onwards, anything you do will affect the lifespan of your AC. An incorrectly installed unit not only consumed more energy but also wears out faster than its years. Hiring the right person on the other hand is the key to do justice to your air conditioner, ensuring that it lives longer and performs optimally.

Fort Lauderdale AC Expert is a respectable AC installation service in Fort Lauderdale, FL serving residential and commercial clients. When you call us for assistance, we provide a full suite of AC services under one roof and that too at an affordable price. Just give us a call at 954-320-7117 and discuss your requirements with us.


It doesn't matter how expensive your air conditioner is or which brand you bought, your air conditioning unit is bound to fail at some point. How soon that point comes depends on your decision to hire the right expert for the job.

When you get an inexperienced professional on board, they are likely to make the following mistakes during the process:

  1. Recommending the wrong size: When a technician suggests an AC too big or small for your room, then you should know that you have the wrong guy for the job.
  2. Improper wiring: Wiring is one of the first things that can go wrong when you work with an amateur.
  3. Inadequate insulation: Open gaps, cracks, unsealed windows etc. can affect the AC’s efficiency. These need to be sealed at the time of installation. An inexperienced technician wouldn’t know that.
  4. No proper set up: When the AC is not secured to its place properly, it can make strange whirring sounds that will result in premature failure of the unit.

If you don't want to be at the receiving end of these expensive mistakes, then don't work with someone who doesn't have the experience or the reputation to protection.


Replacing an old AC:

Fort Lauderdale AC Expert is the best solution to all your AC problems. We can replace the old air conditioner or help you choose a new one. When you hire us for AC installation, we do an assessment of your property, identify the unit requirements, evaluate other factors such as inhabitants, insulation, sun exposure etc. to recommend the right unit for your property.

Installation in a new construction:

If you want to get an air conditioner installed in a newly constructed building or house, then it can be a highly complex task since everything needs to be done from the scratch. However, our trained experts can do that in a trice and carry out the entire plan with clockwork precision. Our processes move in a smooth flow from beginning till the end. So it doesn’t matter if you want to install a ductless air conditioner or a centralized unit, we can do it for you!

Looking for a professional to install your air conditioner in Fort Lauderdale, FL area? Call us at 954-320-7117 today!