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Fort Lauderdale AC Expert Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-320-7117When you are so conscious about everything in life such as buying your next phone or investing in a new car, then why take your AC decisions so irresponsibly? A good quality air conditioner is an expensive machine that requires hefty investment. Do you really want to throw your investment down the drain by cheating on its upkeep? AC maintenance is the only way you can actually ensure that your unit lives the number of years it is intended to. If you need to speak to an expert about it, then call Fort Lauderdale AC Expert.

We are a reputed AC maintenance service Fort Lauderdale, FL with 20+ years of experience in the industry providing emergency services and maintenance services to all our clients. It is our job to isolate operational inefficiencies in our routine checks so that they can be weeded out before they become a big problem. By calling us today on 954-320-7117 and taking our maintenance services, you can ensure that your air conditioner lives long and healthy.


With something as expensive as your air conditioner, you would at least like to get your money’s worth. Maintenance, when done the right way, can actually save you a lot of money in expensive repairs. It also adds life to your unit. However, hiring the wrong company can just as easily reverse the effects.

Here’s how you should find the perfect maintenance partner:

  • Check flexibility:

Don't trust a company that tries to force you into choosing a predefined plan for your AC maintenance. Each unit is different; therefore, they all have their individual requirements. The ideal partner will be the one that can customize the plan as per your requirements.

  • Get the cost calculation done:

Do you really pay as much as your AC at the end of the contract period? If the answer is no, then you should choose your service partner wisely.

  • Look for reviews:

Read the reviews online and conduct a thorough due diligence to ensure that the company has the merit that it claims to have. Are they sloppy in their work? Do they miss deadlines? Spend some time scrutinizing the company before hiring them.

  • Experience:

Never work with a company that doesn’t have any experience to show for themselves. Even if you find a deal that is irresistible, it is possible that you’ll end up paying more in repairs later. Choose companies like Fort Lauderdale AC Expert who have a reputation to protect.

Our maintenance process:

Phase 1: Tune up:

Over the years, your AC may lose its initial power and start showing signs of wear and tear. During maintenance, we will clean the ducts, lubricate parts, and diagnose for potential issues.

Phase 2: System rejuvenation

As components give in to years of use, their efficiency and performance suffers. This is when you require tune-ups to regain your AC’s normal operation. In our checks, we will check the components for possible failure or wear and tear. We will replace all the parts that are near expiration.

Phase 3: Inspection

Once all the repairs and fine tuning is complete, we will inspect the unit to check its performance. We will test the AC for performance, safety, components etc. and ensure that the unit is working optimally.

Hire us if you are looking for a reliable AC maintenance company in Fort Lauderdale, FL area! Call now at 954-320-7117!