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Air conditioners play a monumental role in the business complexes these days. Can you risk losing face in front of the client by making them walk into a hot and humid office space where your employees are struggling to get through the day? Besides, your staff will lose their productivity spending most of their day trying to adjust to the uncomfortable environs of your office. This is the reason an air conditioner is extremely important, especially if you live in Fort Lauderdale, FL area.

Fort Lauderdale AC Expert is a reputed AC service company specializing in commercial HVAC systems. We have a team of specialized technicians trained particularly in complex HVAC systems in offices these days. We also provide 24/7 services to match the global business environment of our clients. So, you can call us on 954-320-7117 any time you need our assistance.


We’re experienced:

We have years of experience in handling all kinds of commercial conditioners. We know exactly how to install, service, repair, maintain, and replace them.

We’re considerate:

When you call us complaining about a malfunctioning air conditioner, we get there quickly and perform a thorough assessment to get to the root of the problem. We ensure that your employees are not distracted while we do our job. We also provide overnight services for this very reason!

We’re all-in-one

No need to call a dozen contractors to do the same job for you. We are a one-stop-shop for all your needs. You can trust us with your air conditioner needs and we will ensure that you get the highest quality of service whenever you need it. Our HVAC experts can handle anything from a consultation to an installation.

We’re efficient

We don't spend an entire day trying to fix the smallest issue. We work quickly and get your air conditioner up and running in no time. We have the resources and the infrastructure to deliver quick services 24/7.

We are NOT pricey

Fort Lauderdale AC Expert is not like other service providers who charge you extra to make the money off your misery! We maintain our prices no matter when you call us! Even if you need us in the middle of the night, we will charge you a standard rate. Our prices are transparent and affordable.

Our bespoke commercial HVAC solutions are for:


You may require new ducts or need installation in existing ducts, our HVAC experts can do it all. We have all the tools to perform HVAC installation from the scratch. We also provide customized maintenance plans, emergency repairs etc.

Contained spaces:

We not just handle your ACs but can also render services for other full-scale projects with custom solutions as per your needs and budget. We also provide air conditioner installation in contained spaces such as data centers, server rooms, etc.

Critical spaces:

We understand the criticality of ACs in a business environment. While some parts of an office complex can still handle AC downtime, such as lobby or conference rooms. However, server rooms, ICU, etc. will require special attention at the time of installation and quick assistance if it malfunctions or fails. This is why Fort Lauderdale AC Expert provides 24/7 assistance to cater to these urgent requirements.


Fort Lauderdale AC Expert Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-320-7117

  • Commercial HVAC consultation
  • HVAC Repairs
  • Genuine part replacements
  • Flexible maintenance plans
  • IAQ improvement
  • Overnight repair
  • AC installation
  • Emergency services anywhere in Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Ductwork layout
  • HVAC cleanup

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